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Specializing in Gold, Silver and Rare coins originating from Canada, North America.

As Canadian coin collecting pro's and hobbyists, we must show pride for our home currency. The first step in doing so requires some background knowledge on the subject.

Starting with answering the question of "how old are our Coins". Research has shown that the oldest coins in Canada date back to 700-550 BC. With other forms of coinage dating even older.

What is the most popular? That is between the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin and the Canadian Silver Dollar.

Another frequently asked question is on Canadian coin values and pricing today. Coin prices for Gold, Silver, Rare and other legal tender fluctuate. So the answer is different, depending on which coin you are inquiring about.

One must also take into account the condition of the coin at hand. Like any other collectable, items that are in mint condition carry a higher value.

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