Canadian Coins



circulating Canadian coins Types of Circulating Canadian Coins

For avid coin collectors out there, it is common knowledge that many types of Canadian coins in circulation today are highly popular. This is because of the aesthetic beauty that these coins have, expressing both loyalty to their current monarch and the nationalistic pride that they feel about their country. From circulation, numismatic, ancient and rare coins; there are countless variations of Canada coinage to collect.

These coins are issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg Ontario. Each design of circulating Canadian coins has the following traits. The head side is of the monarch while the tail is of different national wildlife considered national treasures.

If you’re interested in Canadian coin collecting, here are a few types of coins circulating in Canada that you must know of:


These are the main types of Canadian coinage that are in circulation today. With stable coin values, variations and different prints being acquired by coin collectors all over the world. These coins have commemorative versions that were released in the past, present and future. If you want to have an impressive coin collection, having a variety of circulating Canadian coins is sure to catch anybody’s attention.