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Rare Canadian Coins Rare Canadian Coins

Much like finding treasure, collecting rare Canadian coins and grading them to determine their value is all part of the hunt. Canadian coin collecting of the rarest bullion can bring in high prices at auctions and private sales.


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Those who take part in this niche are making investments in culture, history and their country. Many wise purchases of antique coins that proved rarer than first thought have turned several collectors into rich people.

There are several types of rare coins originating from Canada of all currencies. In order to grade and uncover the value of Canadian coins of this nature, the appraiser must be versed in all aspects of the coins origins. More than one instance of over valuing has cost people large sums of money when they have found out their prized rare coin was not worth what they were told.

Here are some of the more popular Canadian rare coins:

  • Gold & Silver
  • Fifty Cent Piece
  • One Cent Piece
  • Five Cent Coin
  • Silver Dollar


If you were to check in with your local museum. You would find a great collection of rare Canadian coinage. Some preserved and still in mint condition, while others show its life's journey as it passed from hand to hand throughout history.


Rare Canadian Coin Graded & Valued at $1,000,000.00

If only you were the owner of an antique coin priced that high. There are many factors that come into play in order to grade rare Canadian coins of this value. If all conditions, dates and designs are just right; A single rare coin can be priceless.

As well, craftsmen come up with special edition coins that are made from the finest materials and fetch a pretty penny. Sometimes they are commemorative in nature while others are showcased for the metals (such as gold or silver) used to produce them.

Each and every day someone stumbles upon an old coin that is considered scarce. That is what makes it rare. And you are sure to find a collector who is willing to pay top dollar for your rare Canadian coins and bullion.