Canadian Coins



canadian coins value Value of Canadian Coins

Compared to other countries, the value of Canadian coins definitely holds its own amongst the ranks. With coinage ranging from rare to currently circulating mint, Canadian coin prices can vary depending on its class.


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As well, fluctuation in worth can also occur depending on which country the sale of the coin takes place.

There are many things to take into consideration during a coin appraisal. The following are a set of guidelines to use when trying to determine Canadian coin values:

  • Identifying the coins origin
  • Mint marks
  • Unique design
  • Are they Common, Scarce or Rare Canadian Coins
  • The overall Grade (worn - mint condition)
  • Demand for the coin
  • What it is made from (Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper etc.)
  • What does it represent for Canada

Canadian Coin Values Worth More Than You Think

Most people have a few Canadian coins laying around and are curious to know what they may get for them.

Have you ever heard the story of the amateur coin collector who purchased a bag of coins for $1.00 at a local yard sale. Later to have them appraised and valued at ($900,000.00). It goes to show you that if you pay attention to detail, you may end up a wealthy collector. The value of Canadian coins is nothing to take for granted.

If you strongly believe that you may be the proud owner of a priceless mint. It would be wise to have them looked over by a professional coin appraiser. This will cast away all doubts as to the worth of your coinage and what price you may get.

Don't ever assume in the coin business and always remember. It takes a good amount of coin collecting and appraising experience to determine the real price and value of Canadian coins and currency.